Friday, March 25, 2016

Twisted Destiny (The Soul Mate Series) book three - by Rachel Walter

It might not be the news you all want, but it's the best I got at the moment.
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Cover Design: Regina Wamba Mae I Design And Photography

Twisted Destiny (The Soul Mate Series) book three

“I’ve never been free.”

Being the new girl is a common occurrence for Aisling Hawley. As an Amaranthine, moving was normal. People would notice when she didn’t age, so her mother kept a job that required traveling.

Aisling thought she was just starting over, but being new in Lupiterra is a whole different world to her. Finding her soul mate and then forced into a role as savior of a demon race was never part of her plan. All she wanted to do was watch horror flicks, avoid making friends, and do her own thing like any normal Amaranthine teenager.

Aisling must rely on her own instincts to save herself and her soul mate. Can she escape the dangers of her own mind before evil consumes her?

*** This is book number 3 in this series. Please note that it is suggested to read the series in sequential order. ***

This novel is intended for mature YA readers 15 +

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